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About Us

Our Story

Femme Nue Photo Retreats was founded with the intention of creating high-quality art nude photo events around the world. With each luxurious event curation, we encourage participants to celebrate the beauty of the female form through their camera lenses, thus yielding timeless images and an unforgetable experience.

Femme Nue strives to scout multi-bedroom locations that provide comfort and amenities, elegant backdrops and ample grounds that foster artistic inspiration, a striking resemblance to some of the best paintings in art history, and an immersive experience to the culture of the area the retreat is based in.


Your Organizers



Creativity and Connection

We gather for our Meet-and-Greet lunch at a restaurant in the major city we fly into. From there, we take a private vehicle to our destination, where we will then for the entirety of the retreat. We get dropped off at the same restaurant for our Goodbye Lunch

We schedule allotted meal times where we all take a break from artistic creation and relish in the location's unique delicacies.

We value this time spent together to share laughs, reflect on the day, and discuss the artistry that has been unfolding.

Mexico 2024 Abby 1.jpg

Booking Structure

Participants book 1-on-1 shoots with the models at each retreat.


This gives you the unique opportunity to work with models independently and still enjoy the perks of participating in a group event.

We have a standard booking process to ensure equilibrium in everyone's time with each model.


How to Receive an Invitation

With each retreat being an investment, we prioritize cultivating harmony with our "playing well with others mentality." That said, you must have worked with one of the organizers, Sienna Hayes or Vivian Cove, or one of the models on the line-up of the retreat you are interested in signing up for; this way we are able to gauge if you are a good fit for an event.

Once you have been added to our mailing list, you can look forward to receiving invitations to future events.


Get in touch!

We would love to hear from you.


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